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Champagne Promises

Wedding & Event Planning


Please take a moment to browse a few of the beautiful events we've created for our clients.  We put our best foot forward in creating a fabulous event for you, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, or a birthday to remember. 


My Story

Hi I'm Lisa, and I'm here to help!  Do you know what a wedding planners job really is?  It's to give you that day that you've always dreamed of and do it without breaking the bank or causing stress that just isn't necessary.  I'm not here just to direct people in the directions that they need to go.  I'm here to make everything better!  I work with all of your vendors, I'm a problem solver, I'm your budget advisor, I'm your decorator, DIY'er, your counselor, and sometimes mediator! lol  I'm whatever you need me to be at all times and I love what I do!!!

She said yes!!!

Lisa is so sweet!  She makes me feel important no matter how silly my questions are!  And she always answers the phone no matter what day it is or the time.  She has become so much more than just a planner!  


-Chelsea Wilson

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